I officially announced the blog on Facebook yesterday, August 15, and also sent emails out to friends who are not regular visitors of Facebook. I ordered a small set of business cards to have handy when I find myself talking with someone who might be interested in the blog, which has turned out to be a surprisingly regular occurrence. All this I hope will generate some initial traffic, and perhaps some will turn into regular visitors. It appears Cruising Photography & Eudaimonia has stood up and started to walk.

I then went for a 120 mile ride, going through Myakka Park just outside of Sarasota, followed by coming home the long way. I had a very motorcycle-oriented experience on this ride and have described it in the essay, Opening the Throttle In Fifth Gear And Dropping The Cycle. If you’d like to read it, click on the title or you can always find it by going to the The Motorcycle tab above and locating it in the essay list.

When I was at the motorcycle shop on Wednesday, I happen to grab a riding magazine and read that Amtrak will take a rider and his motorcycle to various locations around the country. My mind exploded with possibilities, from extending my short journeys a bit further than I thought doable, to hoping a train to go 1000 miles away to do a three day journey. Allow more than a week for the full train/cycle journey and possibilities rapidly expand even further. Just think about this country we live in and what is here. Like I said, my mind exploded. I have some research to do and, of course, you will be kept in the loop.

This one piece of information means that I will now be able to plan journeys to places truly far and wide and I hope bring you along for some truly amazing rides and exquisite photography. Just this one piece of information did all that for me, for us. Isn’t life grand sometimes?


May You Always Enjoy The Ride