We are not all special, not by a long shot. But we do all have the potential to be special. Within each and everyone of us are the seeds of talents and abilities, gifts lying in wait like a loyal dog patiently hoping for his walk. They lay there, sometimes quietly whimpering in your direction but mostly just silently looking at you. They are waiting for you to look back, to stand up and take them — and yourself — out for a walk. Everyday they hope you will work harder than you have ever worked before to develop these talents and abilities, to give them a voice and bring something truly special to the world. And we all have the potential to be genuinely special when it comes to the endless combinations such seeds can exist in. We can all be special to the world around us if we are willing to work hard enough to bring all this to fruition. It can take years, sometimes decades of work, even involve suffering and despair, but it can be done. Of this I am firmly convinced. Sadly, many people never take their potential for specialness  for the walk it so desperately yearns for and deserves. And so they never become special. They remain ordinary, largely unseen and lost in the crowd, perhaps the most heartbreaking use of the one gift we all share.

What does any of this have to do with Cruising Photography & Eudaimonia? It has everything to do with us, with you and me. It has to do with whether we are committed to living a flourishing life, to take our dogs for a walk everyday, to work harder than we have ever worked before to make ourselves special to the world around us. And in the end, who do you think will end up benefiting the most from all this?


x*This entry is dedicated to Vincenzo & Gabrielle Macri, who I love with all my heart and mind. Their many gifts have given them the potential to be very special one day. May they both always enjoy the ride.