It’s been a couple low energy days for me. I probably needed to take a break to recharge as it’s been nonstop for me since this project began. The first day of the motorcycle safety class was July 23, exactly one month ago today. A long time to be going full throttle.

A few happy odds and ends to tell you about. Yesterday I received a piece of very good news which I will tell you about in October (hope you like surprises). It inspired me to get serious about creating a logo for this project. In my usual fever pitch, I’ve been working since yesterday and, with the help of my wife, Renee, we have settled on a working logo. I’ve selected orange and blue Pantone colors to match the motorcycle and purchased the line art for full use rights. Final LogoRenee also has helped me come up with a address that is more to the point of the site: Thanks to Renee for her invaluable input.

I also have had business cards printed and have been giving them out to anyone who is interested. Motorcycles and photography are two topics that I have discovered many people wants to know more about. When you then mention Eudaimonia as the third leg of the stool, almost always they become genuinely intrigued. No selling needed, I simply respond to our conversation.

In one case, a person mentioned Amtrak has a service to Virginia —The AutoTrain — that will take me and my motorcycle to Lorton, VA. That inspired me to plan a trip to Lorton with the help of AAA for this coming fall. Details yet to be determined, so if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. I’m probably going to be riding for 5-7 days, a few hundred miles a day, so anything within a 400-500 mile radius of Lorton would be an option. Photogenic related locations will of course get priority but, as any good photographer will tell you, a good photographer can make any place photogenic 🙂

What is important about the above odds and ends is that they would not have happened without the input of others. Inspiration and ideas come from the outside. This is why genuine conversation plays such a central role in seeking Eudaimonia, a flourishing life. As the well worn saying goes, it take a village to raise a child. Yes, indeed it does. And it also takes a village to do almost anything worthwhile. How we come to find our conversations, how much of ourselves we put into them, how much we are willing to give back to others, how seriously we take the ethics of human exchanges —all this comes to effect the long term effects on our own state of Eudaimonia. I will be writing something more in depth on this concept but for now, the Eudaimonia tab above has a link to take you to an introductory article for those who want to read about it now.

It is our ability to capture the odds and ends in life and turn them to our advantage that is key to living a flourishing life. How do you know if you are succeeding? Well, for me, the above odds and ends resulted in a burst of energy that designed a logo and began the planning process for one of my first extended journeys. I feel peaceful and energized at the same time, ready to get started again. I find I am also full of gratitude to the people who inspired me, especially to Renee for putitng her heart and soul in helping me with the logo. So, there you have it: energized, grateful to others, free flowing ideas, and excited by the future. These are the objective markers of Eudaimonia. When you feel all that at the same time, you know you’re heading in the right direction. My deepest thanks to you all.


May You Always Enjoy The Ride