I’ve taken a quiet few days and went for my first ride today since Wednesday. Took an 8AM photography trip to Anna Maria Island, about a 90-minute ride from home. Just a beautiful ride and I managed to take a few photographs along the way. Here are two of a local bird seen frequently in the Greater Sarasota Area, just hanging while nearby boaters where talking. Monday Morning  at Anna Maria Island #1Monday Morning  at Anna Maria Island #2He was so calm, just kept a savvy eye on me and let me come within 20 feet before I could see he was considering flight. I backed off not to disturb him.  Nice thing about a 70/200 mm lens is you can do just that and still get a nice photos.  The first has had a bit of filter work while the second one is a more straight up photograph. Varying technique solely for the sake of it at this point, something that when used in moderation can lead to some unique work. After these shots, I decided it might be best to head home and leave further exploring to another day. Total ride was still over three hours door-to-doo as I stopped for breakfast and lunch. Definitely more photos waiting for us on the this island. Stay tuned.

As for the ride itself, the experience was worthy of an essay. Lots happen 🙂 For now, I’ll leave it at that as I’d like to simply ponder what I brought home. Further musings can wait.

The last few quiet days included designing business cards with Renee’s help, listening to music and just chilling. I have some additional motorcycle riding data that i’ve been meaning to post, so if such things interest you please come back in a day or so to check out the Motorcycle tab. And I haven’t forgotten about developing the other tab. For those who haven’t seen them, there are new essays in the Photography and Eudaimonia tab posted from a few days ago.

I remain ever grateful that on a Monday I got to do this rather than have to go to work. I remember those days with a range of memories. I hope looking at these two photos brings you some pleasure to start your week with.



May Your Always Enjoy Te Ride