A number of factors have conspired to keep me off the motorcycle the last few days and will likely do so for the next week or so 😦 Such is life. I’ve gone from a state of eudaimonic bliss to “ordinary existence.” Funny how “ordinary” has now come to mean this day-to-day state we all know so well. A few days of this is certainly fine but trouble starts when it extends much beyond that. As we all need rest and enjoy the afterglow of a eudaimonic period, this too has its rewards. Once that recovery period ends and you taxi into the hanger of just another day, you begin to consider your next flight. I am now in the hanger.

How did I get here? A key factor is not having that physical component a motorcycle ride provides. It has been seventy-two hours since my last ride, not a random interval when it comes to the human body. Achieving a eudaimonic state requires regular interfaces with your Surround. I am reminded of those amazing videos of human embryos attached to their placenta; a constant motion of fluids. This process never ends for us, only changes character. Any athlete will confirm that to not physically interact with their workout environment for an extended period becomes deadening to the soul. We are creatures of movement, creatures based in gestures. Even language is a rarefied gesture, originally a movement which became expressed as an emotional sound and finally became infused with a new level of meaning thanks to our cognitive abilities. All that over 300 million years (well, 310-320 million years, the first reptiles, but let’s not quibble). Think about that for a moment: gesture (behavior), emotion (affect), and meaning (cognition). These reflect the tripartite structure of the brain: the reptilian complex, limbic system and neocortex. (BTW/ the italicized words — Surround, Gesture —they hint at a larger theory that will in time be revealed, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. For now, we will simply tag them as words we should track).

Without all of our “triune brain” fully engaged, eudaimonic states are impossible to achieve. In fact, if you come close to such a state, I find you Intuit what you need to complete the process, what in chaos theory might be called sensing the limit cycle: all starting points pull you into a fixed orbit. Finding that pocket and dropping into it is why we eventually can achieve our eudaimonic state if we can just come close enough and we are willing to listen. It is in those moments that we tell ourselves, often in symbolic ways, that something is missing, a need for movement or emotional response or reflection to take us further, to take us into bliss.

Breath deep, if only for a few moments, and you can sense it in yourself now. Right now. Leap and the net will appear.

Shall I leave us here? I think so. I doubt I could end this better than this Buddhist saying: If you can indeed trust yourself, leap and the net will appear.


May You Always Enjoy The Ride