It has been unseasonably cold on the Gulf Coast the past few days, too cold to make riding any fun. The weather should break soon and I will be back on the road with more posts to follow. Meanwhile, I have been home reading and working on some writing, as well as learning the video software for making the short movies.

For those wanting a more in depth look at the central aspect of the model driving this blog, I’ve uploaded a diagrammatic representation. It based on current neurophilosophy research, so it is theoretical but I hope still understandable without background knowledge.

I have completed Ambient Movie #5. These continue to develop nicely. I am developing these movies based on simple edit motifs and their variations, and video styles or “looks” (for example a “dessert look” or a “overexposed look”). These form a visual language which is then used to assemble an abstract visual story. If successful, the visual story being told will be similar to a well composed piece of music which is based on musical motifs (the effects) and chords structure (the video styles). The latest Ambient Movie is a tongue-in-cheek called, Ferocious Ride. It was fun to make and shows that “ambient” doesn’t have to mean mellow or relaxed. It shows how some simple effects and styles can be used to tell an abstract visual story that reinforces the overall theme, in this case an imaginary wild ride (there is a strong element of parody in this video; the real ride was anything but wild, it was just a coffee run!). I hope you have as much fun watching as I had making it.

When our Florida weather returns next week (I hope), I will be back on the motorcycle with more adventures and musings to share. Until then …..



May You Always Enjoy The Ride