Here you will find the various essays and analyses I’ve written about cameras and photography. I can’t claim to speak for all photographers, only my experience with my equipment, but I will make every effort to write useful information and insights for anyone with a camera who wants to think about and take more than just snapshots. Below is an index of what has been uploaded so far, which you can access either from the orange links on this page or by going to The Photography pulldown menu at the top of any page. Feedback is both welcomed and desired. Please be part of the conversation.

  • Ambient Movies: A list of the Ambient Movies to date.
  • What Is An Ambient Movie?: This essay describes the ideas behind Ambient Movies. It is meant for those who want to know the central philosophical concepts that guide my thinking as I create them. It is a work in progress as I am sure my understanding of Ambient Movies and how to make them will develop the more I come to explore them.
  • Basic Camera Gear For Cruising Trips: This essay will outline in some detail the camera gear I take with me on motorcycle trips as well as all the camera/ equipment that may find itself used during the making of one of my photograph. It is meant for the fellow geek who, like me, loves to read about such details. It is not written at “an expert level” and anyone can understand without much difficulty.


May You Always Enjoy The Ride